‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ season 4, episode 7 review: Brandi and Carlton talk “kiss”

It's here -Last week on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” season 4 there was a ton of drama on the ladies trip to Palm Springs. As Brandi got drunker, things got worse and when we left the housewives she had offended almost everyone at the dinner table.

This week we picked up right where we left off… a completely drunk out of her mind Brandi and the rest of the table abandoning ship. Even though everyone was trying to get away from Brandi’s drama it turns out that the drama couldn’t be avoided and everyone was fighting with everyone over everything… so much so that by the end we didn’t even know who was mad at who over what anymore. We did love seeing Yolanda go and give Kyle a hug to support her over the trash that was being said about her and her family. It was a friendship reconciliation we wanted to see happen.

Carlton and Brandi’s “friendship” has been getting a little frisky and with a drunk Brandi and the attraction between the two, things are getting interesting. We do have one question to ask though… what does Carlton’s husband think about all of this? Is he okay with this “friendship” that she has with Brandi? After Brandi did what she could to get Carlton into bed, she decided to get Brandi out of the bedroom and over to see Yolanda and Lisa.

The next day Brandi learns that her gang of Yolanda, Carlton and Lisa are leaving Palm Springs and she will be left to fend for herself, but before Carlton leaves she decides to confront Brandi about bringing up their kiss in front of the group. She’s not upset about the kiss, but upset about telling the whole group. Carlton reveals in confessional that she kisses women pretty regularly, so maybe her husband does know about her “friendship” activities?

Brandi gets a message from her assistant and finds out that her house was broken into and one of her dogs is missing. The weird thing is that Brandi says she’s not “blaming” the assistant for the missing dog, but at the same time says that this is the second time her dog has gone missing on her watch. Joyce tries to commiserate with Brandi by saying that she understands because she lost a dog once too and Brandi snaps at her. Will these two ever be friends?

While this may not have been the greatest episode of the series ever, we are happy to have new programming happening during the holiday season which is typically dry. Grade: C –

What do you think of Carlton and Brandi’s “friendship”? Were you happy to see Yolanda and Kyle share a nice moment together? Leave us a comment and tell us what you thought of tonight’s episode.

Photo: Bravo

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