‘Survivor: Cagayan’: Eight things we want to see for season 28

Cagayan -Last night at the “Survivor: Blood vs. Water” reunion, the next season in “Survivor: Cagayan” was officially announced. It’s the first time in two years that we’ve had a season featuring all-new players without returnees, and it is also the first time since “Survivor: Philippines” that we’ve had a three-tribe format (something that we very much enjoy, though we are aware not everyone does).

So what would we like to see changed or altered for this season? Even though we are coming off of a pretty good season, we’ve still got a list of eight things in our mind that can be improved in order to ensure that we have yet another phenomenal season in the spring like we did this fall.

1. No more Redemption Island. We actually liked having it this season, but it was only really useful because of the family drama that it stirred up watching loved ones having to compete for their lives. There’s no benefit when there are newbies.

2. This goes hand in hand with losing redemption island, but getting reward challenges back. They don’t always matter, but they are fun to watch.

3. A balanced cast in terms of editing. Resist the temptation if at all possible to just spend a good three-quarters of your episode focusing on one person, even if you have another Russell Hantz-like character.

4. Find somewhere new to hide the immunity idol clues, but allow it to be something where not everyone else on your tribe has to know that you have it. Secrecy is the name of the game here.

5. Bring back the family visit just as it used to be: A part of the challenge.

6. If your theme is really “brains vs. brawn vs. beauty,” then find a way to really balance out the challenges. The one concern we have here is that you are going to see one tribe whittled off right away.

7. Include the castaways’ Twitter handled at least the reunion, if nothing else. While we know that there could be some liability issues in that some of them swear and you may want to keep that away from the kiddies, at least you avoid people trying to plug themselves for followers.

8. In the end, just give us a season that focuses on the fun and the adventure that comes with being out on the island rather than making it about the gimmick, try to allow strategy to be what we see the most of on TV.

You can see all of our latest “Survivor” updates in the attached sidebar, and that is where we will also have some interviews with the castaways later including winner Tyson. Meanwhile, you can also click here to see more of all things “Survivor.”

Photo: CBS

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