‘Masters of Sex’ finale review: Michael Sheen dominates intense, sad hour

Masters of Sex -After a full season of intrigue, mystery, and also making very prudish people uncomfortable, “Masters of Sex” came to a close on Sunday night with an episode that definitely brought changes for Dr. William Masters. He went into this finale as a renowned doctor and a man with a stable job to go along with his study; now, he leaves it as a man who has lost so much, and only gained understanding about who he really is.

Given his own arrogance over the quality of his work, or maybe in part his own numbness towards sexuality as someone who thinks about the act only scientifically (at least when he’s not with Virginia), it was not much of a surprise at all to see the entire lecture hall go into hysterics over the video that he created. Bill was a victim of his own sensationalism, and the brilliance in Michael Sheen’s performance during this presentation scene is that he acted like someone who never predicted the outrage. Just imagine had he left that video out what the reaction could have been. Would he have still lost his job?

It was in these moments after his failure at presenting the study that there was at least some vulnerability in this man, as he fell on his own sword to save Barton his job, and allow him to further continue his work at the university. Where this leaves the hospital for season 2 is unclear, but we imagine that we will be seeing less of it. That’s a shame given how great Beau Bridges and Allison Janney were this season, but they also (alas) have other shows that they work on.

We’re not familiar enough with Masters’ real life story to know if Libby really gave birth so quickly to the time of his presentation, but that was a tad coincidental, no? Also, her move to enjoy time alone with the child was a clear sign that she had figured out all she needed to about where Bill’s heart really lied … and she did not need to see him confess his love to Virginia to know it.

Unlike the subpar ending to “Homeland” tonight, “Masters of Sex” ended in a way that was just about everything that you could have possibly asked for. There were surprises, but most importantly every story this season got its due here. We even had an opportunity to see Ethan land a new job, which lands Virginia in an enormous predicament when it comes to whether to stay near the study or follow his career. Grade: A.

What did you think about the “Masters of Sex” finale? Be sure to share your thoughts below! Also, feel free to visit the link here if you want to read some more early speculation now about what could be coming in season 2.

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