ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 3, episode 10 review: Who shot Emily Thorne?

Take a look -Revenge” season 3 has been all over the place so far, mostly when it comes to the various plans of Emily Thorne to try to ensure that her life was preserved, and that Victoria Grayson paid for everything that she did to her and her family. Having her arrested for murder is a good way to do that.

We’ve known ever since the start of the show that someone was going to shoot Emily following her wedding to Daniel Grayson, and the question for the entire time has revolved around one thing: Who would the shooter be? Well, we had that answer in the closing minutes of the episode: Daniel. It was a powerful moment, and one that made perfect sense when you consider the context for it.

Basically, Daniel made this shocking move, rather than allowing Emily’s plan to have Victoria kill her go into motion, after hearing Victoria start to put some pieces together about who Emily was (but not all of it), and then seeing enough of the plan to know that he had married a fraud. His act was clearly one of passion, and it shows that he is really about to undergo quite the change in his character.

As Aiden saw the bloody dress come into shore after the incident happened, he may have just assumed that it was all part of the plan … but where was she really? What happens next? Is Daniel going to be able to get away with this? Luckily he has some Graysons on his side to help him, since he would otherwise be totally screwed.

But all in all, this was a strong finale for the fall season with an ending we did not predict. So now, we just have to get through the hiatus. Grade: B+.

What did you think about this “Revenge” episode, and the identity of the shooter? Be sure to share your thoughts with a comment below, and click here if you want to read some more news related to the show. We’ll have a promo for the next new episode up at that link soon enough.

Photo: ABC

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