NBC’s ‘Community’ season 5 spoilers: The return of Chang (video)

Community -Have you had enough when it comes to “Community” sneak peeks yet? We hope not, since the latest one from the January 2 premiere shows something that we know quite a few people have been dying to know: What in the world is going on with Chang?

The last time we saw the character, he was a part of a nefarious plan with City College to destroy Greendale, which involved the fake name of Kevin and some other ridiculousness. It was certainly one of the better parts of season 4, and it turns out now that there will be ramifications of what Chang did.

Basically, he turns up at the start of season 5 still living at Greendale, but this time under a work permit that allows him to be a teacher. What’s his subject of choice? Math. His movements are controlled, and it just so happens that he is completely terrible at math. This probably is what will make this show much more entertaining in the end.

The nice thing about the “Community” premiere, entitled “Repilot,” is that it is going to feel like such a fresh start. With there being a full year that takes place from one season to the next, there is a chance for the returning showrunner Dan Harmon to flip the reset button, and give us new stories that are different from what was there before. It’s just nice to see that despite it being so much time since we last saw him, there really is not that much that has changed about him.

Do you want to see some more “Community” sneak peeks? Then click here, where you can get a better sense of just what is unfolding in the weird and crazy life of Jeff Winger. The new season starts on NBC Thursday, January 2, and you will get the opportunity to start off with two episodes.

Photo: NBC

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