‘Homeland’ season 4 debate: Four things we want to see next

The latest -Tonight, we say farewell to “Homeland” season 3, which has been a collection of mostly strong episodes that told the story of how Nicholas Brody attempted to earn his redemption, and how Saul chose to spend his final days as CIA director to make a big move inside of Iran using Javadi as a tool.

But what could happen from here? We’ll have our full take on the finale tonight, and without spoiling anything that happens, the four items below are simple suggestions as to where the story could go moving forward.

1. A new start – Regardless of whatever happens to Brody on the show tonight, the writers are better served to move on from his story. In downgrading Morgan Saylor and Morena Baccarin, they have taken the first step towards doing so already. Give Carrie a new mission to sink her teeth into.

2. A confident Carrie – Can we have her not completely motivated by love for a season? There is joy in seeing her conflicted, but not to the point where she continually goes against orders even when it doesn’t make logical sense for her to … and it’s all to protect a guy who she knows she may never have an opportunity to be with.

3. A vulnerable Saul – While seeing Mandy Patinkin’s character have his victories is nice, it would also be interesting to just see him have to start over and reevaluate his life at this point. It’s too unrealistic to think that he can just swipe his job back from Senator Lockhart, and seeing what he would do otherwise would be particularly interesting (especially since we assume that Saul would get rather bored.)

4. A consistent role throughout for Quinn – There were times this season where Peter’s story was interesting, and then there were times that it completely disappeared. There was no consistency for him at all, and it would be somewhat appreciated if he had something that gave him more of a defined role.

Where do you want to see the series heading in the new year? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below, and also click here if you are interested in reading some more “Homeland”-related news. We’ll have our full review there immediately after the finale airs.

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