‘How I Met Your Mother’ season 9 spoilers: Cristin Milioti talks the Mother’s arc so far

Another look -Monday marks the end of the “How I Met Your Mother” fall season, and when it comes to the character of The Mother, it marks another opportunity for her to meet a member of Ted’s group of friends in Marshall. This means that she will have officially met everyone other than Robin and of course Josh Radnor’s character in the timeline that has been presented to us so far. Is it possible that she has also actually met Robin already, and we just haven’t seen it? Sure, given that the same thing happened already with the Barney character.

But in the video below, you can have an opportunity hear a few thoughts on the character’s entire journey so far courtesy of Cristin Milioti, a woman who started off her time on this show without the luxury of knowing much about the character save for her role in Ted’s life. That has made this entire journey for her an interesting one, but one that still has some massive rewards at the end of it.

Meanwhile, Milioti also talked a little about some of her favorite scenes to film, and how she personally feels like her character is almost connected to everyone else on the show in one way or another. While she may have some in common with Ted, she also has some of the quirkiness of Barney, the heart of Marshall, and the humor of Lily. There’s obviously an element of Robin there, as well, that helps to convince Ted even further that she is the person that is perfect for him. He can have some of what he liked about Robin, but also reminders that she really wasn’t the perfect person for him.

What do you want to see on this “How I Met Your Mother” episode? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below! Also, be sure to click here if you want to preview Monday’s “Bass Player Wanted,” and we’ll have a full review for it online not long after it airs.

Photo: CBS

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