‘Once Upon a Time’ season 3 spoilers: Robert Carlyle, Emilie de Ravin on ‘Rumbelle’

The latest -Last week marked a big moment on “Once Upon a Time,” mostly in that it was the first real opportunity that we had to see the relationship between Belle and Rumpelstiltskin actually play out in real time all season. The two characters were far away from one another thanks to what was transpiring in Neverland, and for a time there were concerns about them never being together again.

But now, there is hope for the two to actually spend a significant amount of time together, at least according to the reports that are out there. Speaking to TV Guide, Robert Carlyle really makes it clear that Belle is one of the sole reasons why we’re seeing his character make some of the dramatic moves that he has:

“That’s what keeps him going … Belle is Rumple’s emotional sensor and that’s probably the main reason that he’s doing what he’s done because he was going to kill Henry in the end of Season 2. There’s no doubt he was going to do that.”

 Carlyle does hint, though, that even with Belle around as his sort of emotional rock, there is still no guarantee moving forward that we are not going to see any more trouble for the couple. Rumple is still a guy who is going to be tempted by evil things, and being close to her right now is not going to make too substantial a difference when it comes to that in the end.

Meanwhile, Emilie de Ravin also expressed her own love for playing this character, who has become one of the most beloved ever since she first turned up as a guest star during the first season:

“It’s been amazing. I love the way our relationship’s written and I love working with Bobby and it’s this dynamic that automatically clicked from that first episode.”

Tonight will see the story of Neverland hopefully tied together in a neat little bow, but we know already that there could be so much more still to this story. We’ll just have to wait to more or less find out what that will contain.

If you do want to watch a video preview now for tonight’s “Once Upon a Time” episode, just be sure to click here. We’ll have some more news to share very soon!

Photo: ABC

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