‘Family Guy’ season 12, episode 8 preview: Is Brian in ‘Christmas Guy’ sneak peeks?

Brian Griffin -There has probably not been a single time throughout the history of “Family Guy” that a single character has been debated quite as much as Brian over the past couple of weeks, and it’s mostly for one simple reason: People just love the character. The Griffin dog was adored by so many people, and finding out that he was gone was almost like an emotional gut-punch.

But is there any way in which this character lives to see another day? There’s plenty of evidence out there that he will, and for many Sunday’s episode “Christmas Guy” is going to be a big one in hunting for clues. Rumors have circulated for some time that this would be the episode all about Stewie trying to make sure that he would get Brian back in time for Christmas but based on the sneak peek videos that are out there, the show doesn’t tip its cap one way or another.

The only real evidence that we can see in here is Stewie’s rage at being unable to see Santa at a Christmas carnival, likely because he probably wanted to use the power of the jolly elf to help make his wish come true. But unfortunately, that is not going to happen now, and he’ll have to figure out a different way. The previews do hint at some other twists, including Lois’ father grumbling about the holiday season, Stewie causing various forms of chaos, and a few off-color jokes that you have come to expect from the show.

We’ll probably at least have a better idea as to a possible Brian timeline by the end of the episode … namely in that if he doesn’t show up and is barely mentioned, it could be a little while still before he surfaces. We still refuse to believe that he’s gone forever based on what we know already. “Christmas Guy” will mark the end to the fall season, so let’s hope it provides some sort of temporary closure one way or another.

Photo: Fox, videos via SpoilerTV



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