Could ‘Downton Abbey’ season 5 be the end? It’s the latest rumor; find out why

Take a look -Downton Abbey” is without question one of the biggest dramas to ever come out of Britain; but, all good things must come to an end, and unless you are “Doctor Who” or one of their soaps, most British series do tend to end much earlier than they do here in United States.

We actually suggested earlier this year that there is an argument to be made in possibly ending the show next year, with one of the major reasons for it being that there is only so much more great story you can get from it, and with ratings starting to level off a little bit, it is always a much smarter idea to end a show when people are still excited about it rather than doing it when everyone has grown tired of paying the Abbey a visit.

Now, a source claims to the Mirror that as the actors become more famous, there are some considerations right now about season 5 possibly being the opportunity for the show to take its last bow. Why? It has to do with some more film roles that are coming the way of the cast:

“After five years on Downton, they are understandably excited at the prospect of taking up some of the roles coming their way.”

Another issue here to consider is that the majority of the cast, when signing new contracts after season 3, chose to continue on for two more seasons. Trying to negotiate so many different contracts would prove to be a very expensive task. These are great actors who understandably want a big piece of the pie, especially if they are taking a good half of their year to work on the show.

Of course, there are some major reasons for all these people to continue onward here. Having a show last for so long is a great achievement, and the money could set them up for a long time. Also, this is a shorter schedule production-wise than most other shows, and there are opportunities to do other things.

ITV for now has said that there are currently no plans to conclude “Downton Abbey,” so it may be several more months before we know anything further.

Photo: ITV

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