‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 10 spoilers; Jesse Williams on aftermath to Jackson’s objection

The latest -The “Grey’s Anatomy” winter finale may as well have been the equivalent of the final ten minutes of a romantic comedy, where you have someone running in and objecting to a wedding, with this somehow leading to the man objecting and the bride being together in the end as if there was no problem in the world with what just happened.

So what’s the difference here? Unlike that sort of situation, this is real life (or at least as “real life” as it comes in the form of a television show). There are consequences that come with such a big, bold, and incredibly impulsive move. There are two people lives that Jackson potentially ruins in Stephanie and Matthew while pleading for April to leave her man at the altar, in addition to him possibly ruining April forever in the process. Is she really going to want this same sort of big wedding again after what this memory could do to her? While we understand that he had to get out how he felt before it was too late, he wasn’t exactly thinking about how he was going to impact some other people in the process.

After the craziness that unfolded in this episode, Jesse Williams tried to do his part to explain what was going to be coming up next in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter. Specifically, one of the things that he did his best to stress was that what we are going to end up seeing here is the both what happens immediately after his move, and then everything that comes in the future thanks to it:

“… You’ll see what happens and the impact it has on everyone. This is going to have a devastating affect on Stephanie. In situations where you have somebody being left at the altar, it’s usually the dashing bad guy versus the really honorable guy. Is she going to go with the jerk or is she going to go with the good guy? In this situation, Matthew and Stephanie are Jackson’s victims. They don’t deserve this and are both wonderful people who haven’t done anything wrong. Sometimes love gets in the way of what you’re supposed to do and who the person on paper is supposed to be, and that love by design and paint by numbers situation doesn’t really work. Sometimes there’s collateral damage, and Matthew and Stephanie are good examples of that.

“You’ll see it came as a huge surprise for Jackson, and that it wasn’t premeditated. It was just a compulsion to blurt it out. Sometimes when you act impulsively, you have a ‘WTF did I just do’ moment, and we’re going to see that. I cant say what April’s response is going to be, but I can say that Jackson is going to have a, ‘Oh my God, what have I gotten myself into?’ moment at some stage in the very near future. Anytime you think there’s solid ground, it turns out to be slippery.”

You are at least probably going to get some sort of understanding if there is hope for Jackson by the time the show’s return on February 27 is over, but there’s not going to be a way to please everyone.

You can read our full review of the winter finale here, and while the hiatus is going to be a long one, know that we’ll be here along the way with some more scoop of what comes next.

Photo: ABC

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