‘Masters of Sex’ episode 12 preview: See William Masters present his findings

Masters of Sex -In the sneak peek below from Sunday’s “Masters of Sex” finale, Dr. William Masters (Michael Sheen) says that he is “opening the door” of his research for everyone to see, and he is excited to share his findings with everyone. But, is he going to be just as excited when he realizes just how much protest he is going to be up against? That’s what we are going to be waiting until the finale airs to find out.

The scene below more or less takes you to the precipice of when the collective jaws of all of these people are set to hit the floor. Masters opens up his presentation about the study with what is a smart move: Giving everyone alcohol first. From there, he proceeds into a couple of jokes about how there have been many a stethoscope pressed against exam room 5, and how thrilled he is now to share what has been really going on there. He also has a major ally in attendance in his wife Libby, who is seemingly unafraid of anything that she is about to see.

But, we don’t think that booze is going to prepare these people for what is coming around the bend. While they may be prepared to handle a series of important facts all about sex, we wondered just how prepared they are really going to be to learn information seen in a video, one in which features a whole lot of Virginia other than her face. This is where we predict the outcry will begin, and even Libby will start to get a little bit uncomfortable.

As for whether Virginia is going to be in attendance as these discoveries are shown off to the world, the answer that we have for you based on the other video sneak peek is that she won’t be. Maybe she will change her mind, and we sure hope that she does. The last thing that she wants to do is stand there and watch someone else take credit for some of the work that she has done.

Photo: Showtime

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