‘Survivor: Blood vs. Water’ finale video: A very predictable Redemption Island duel

The latest -Where have you see this final “Survivor” duel on Redemption Island before? The video below gives you a first taste of the battle that Hayden Moss, Laura Morett, and Tina Wesson will be going through in order to work their way back into the game, and it is something that is going to feel more than familiar to most of you. This is almost identical in many ways to the duel on “Survivor: Redemption Island” that allowed Andrea Boehlke to re-enter the game, and it makes you wonder why in the world they are doing this one all over again.

Let’s start here with what many believe to be true these days: These sort of duels do give a slight disadvantage to the burly guys, since it is much harder for them to stand there and keep balance than someone with less muscle mass and weight. But then again, this is also a challenge that is not anywhere near as slanted as the one that got Laura back in the game. All Laura or Tina has to do is make a wrong move, and Hayden suddenly has another shot at playing.

But with all of this being said, we’re still predicting that Laura comes back again. How can you argue against a woman who has already won so many duels this season, especially when many of them have been complete blowout performances? She may be up there now with Stephenie LaGrossa as the best female challenge player ever on this show. But even if she does come back into the game, she’ll still have to win two straight immunity challenges (which tend to help athletic men more) if she wants to make it to the end, and that feels unlikely.

Given everything that has transpired this season already, the only time that there could be a seismic shift in the game could be at the final four, especially if the person outside of the Tyson – Monica – Gervase alliance wins immunity. Even if they don’t, though, this is where you could consider getting rid of Tyson, especially if you have someone like Laura or Tina back in the game who you think you could beat in front of a jury. We wouldn’t make this move if we were in the final four with Ciera, though, since she seems to have done a good job of making moves, but not making anyone on the jury hate her. She could beat Tyson in the end, especially when you consider the degree of difficulty it would take for her to get there.

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Photo: CBS

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