‘Arrow’ season 2: See some reflection via Katie Cassidy, and a peek at what’s ahead

August 29, 2013 0 comments
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Katie Cassidy -For the entire first season of “Arrow,” it was pretty clear that Laurel Lance was a polarizing character. There were some people out there who were huge proponents of her, and were thrilled to see her and Oliver Queen finally hook up again near the end of the season.

However, there were also plenty of people out there who did not exactly like how Laurel was almost constantly thrust into extremely emotional situations time and time again. She was perpetually-concerned, and really seemed to have less fun as a character than anyone else all season. She started off shocked to see Oliver again, and it brought back memories of losing her sister; then, she also lost Tommy in the finale.

In the video below, you can listen to Katie Cassidy reflect on what was in particular an emotional scene between her and Laurel’s father last season, as she desperately tried to reason with him that despite whatever sort of differences she and the Hood may have, the two were still more or less on the same page.

So what are you going to see on season 2 for Laurel? Basically, she and the “vigilante” (if you want to still call him that) will have even more in common, as she takes on a job that will have her more in the line of taking down bad guys. Also, we can tell you now that some of that progress with Oliver will be unwound a little bit when we pick back up, as the memories of Tommy continue to ring through her head.

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