‘America’s Got Talent’: Is Jimmy Rose already the favorite to win?

July 9, 2013 24 comments
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America's Got TalentThe “America’s Got Talent” audition show on Tuesday brought out a number of acts, and we’re going to have a deeper focus on the majority of them a little bit later with our full review. However, we do want to put the focus in this article on someone who gave a very memorable audition midway through the season, and we already think that he has the potential to be the next Kevin Skinner and win this whole competition.

So who is this man? It’s none other than coal miner and former Marine Jimmy Rose, who seems to be a pretty nice guy who is just out to pay tribute to his hometown with a song. He wasn’t a full-on sappy story because he didn’t want to be, and we really appreciated that. We also appreciated that he sang with so much emotion and hit every note with ease.

Jimmy’s already a serious threat to win this competition, and as much as we don’t like singers on this show, we really like him. The only real challenge for him could come via getting through to the live rounds, mostly because once he gets there, he has that sort of combination of everyman and military veteran that this audience traditionally eats up.

Now, the challenge is going to be finding out if there is another act in the mix that can equal him when it comes to checking off all of the boxes. Who was your favorite on “America’s Got Talent” this week? We want to hear some of your thoughts below! If you want to read some more highlights from this season, be sure to head on over to the link here. You’ll also find our full review for this show there a little later in the night.

Photo: NBC

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