‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Aaryn’s still racist; McCrae (kind of) calls her out

July 8, 2013 2 comments
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AarynStop us when this sounds familiar. On the “Big Brother 15” live feeds tonight, we basically saw Aaryn Gries continue her string of awfulness, and McCrae try to awkwardly call her “racist” to her face. Do we wish that he had a little more of a spine when it comes to calling her out? Definitely, but we recognize that he was in a hostile environment (which is also a game for a half million dollars), and did just about all he thought he could do in saying something and quickly changing the subject.

Here’s a little bit of the basic rundown: Aaryn was in the Head of Household bathroom tonight just before mealtime talking about some picture of Kalia that she started ruthlessly mocking, and then she decided to generalize anyone and everyone of the African-American race:

“How come they don’t pick half-black people that are fun? How come [all of the] half-black people that they choose are annoying? Think about it.”

Before she can really finish her thought, McCrae cut in and said that what she said was “vaguely racist.” (Well, actually it’s really racist. Once again, he was scared to go all of the way with the comment.) Her reply? That it was casting who were the racist ones for putting people that she doesn’t like on the show to begin with. McCrae then promptly changed the subject to cheese.

We try not to be too awful on this site or wish negatively on people, but we’re personally waiting with glee to watch her entire life unravel after she comes out of the house. We almost wish that there was a camera that was on her when she first learns that pretty much every media outlet in the world has reported on her comments, and that she is the most-hated houseguest in the history of the show. (Seriously, she blows all of the others out of the water … most of them were just awful, but not racists to go along with it.) We don’t enjoy watching her on the live feeds, but for viewers voting for MVP and America’s favorite at the end of the season (if she makes the jury), her entire body of work needs to be known.

As for actual strategy talk tonight, Andy and Helen are still trying to come up with ways to save Elissa, blissfully unaware that they don’t have the numbers to do anything. The Moving Company has yet again affirmed their alliances, and seem interested in getting rid of the likes of Helen, Candice, and other outsiders in the upcoming weeks.

In case you haven’t heard what Julie Chen or some others have been saying about the controversy, we have that for you at this link along with some other recent highlights from the feeds.

Photo: CBS

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