‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Honeymoon’s over for McCrae / Amanda, Aaryn / David

July 2, 2013 1 comment
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AmandaBreaking up is hard to do in the “Big Brother 15” house, mostly because you have to find the best way to bring up the subject and have it happen without allowing it to ruin your own game. For example, Alec in “Big Brother Canada” made the unfortunately move to evict AJ, which betrayed Topaz and caused in part his demise.

So who “went their separate ways” last night? To an extent, all of the showmances at least talked out some of what they’ve been going through as of late, and tried to come to some sort of terms with it. Jeremy and Kaitlin seems to really not be anything more than hooking up, and she seems to understand that if she does want something else out of relationship, she’s not going to find it with some reality TV guy obsessed with his boat.

Meanwhile, David and Aaryn had quite possibly the meanest “talk” of the group, given that David seems to actually have some feelings for her, and they are not entirely mutual. Basically, she insinuated that he was dumb to his face by saying that she’d prefer to have an ugly guy with a brain. David may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but even he’s going to pick up on something like this.

And finally, we have the odd-mance that is Amanda and McCrae. This one, just when it comes to the subject matter, is far dumber than anything that would come out of David’s mouth. Amanda is upset because McCrae talked about their kiss in the diary room, and now her boyfriend is going to find out that she kissed the pizza boy on TV. Really? You don’t think that your boyfriend, or none of his friends, has the live feeds? Or sees the internet? Who knows, maybe our article here causes the downfall of Amanda’s relationship. Anyway, it’s not McCrae’s fault for talking about the kiss in a house full of cameras.

While there was some talk last night about switching the vote to get Elissa out, we doubt it’s happening; instead, expect still to see David out the door Wednesday night.

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