‘The Voice’ UK final results: Was Andrea Begley, Matt Henry, Leah McFall the winner?

June 22, 2013 0 comments
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The VoiceFollowing what was a pretty-electric performance from the contestants on “The Voice” UK Sunday, the final results of the season had a cloud of mystery hanging over them. If you were looking to gauge who¬†should¬†win the season based on whose victory would probably help the show the most in the long run, it is pretty hard to look in any direction other than Leah McFall. Her iTunes standing proves that she is extremely popular, and this show desperately needs someone commercially successful after Leanne Mitchell took a journey straight to flop city.

The show wasted no time in shocking us at all this season, since the first artist sent home during the final was Matt Henry. We actually ranked him in fourth place going into this, but we thought that next to maybe Leah, he had the best overall performance during the final. The public clearly got it wrong, and even will.i.am was angry despite him not being his coach.

The only real interesting moment that came out via the reprisals was seeing will.i.am have to apologize for being honest and saying that Mike Ward was flat (which he was); also, if we were Leah we would have performed the song again that actually made a killing on the iTunes charts. We were worried slightly that Will’s comment would get the Tom Jones fans out to prove something to him … so did they?

Not exactly. Instead, audiences went in a surprising direction and chose Andrea Begley, the visually-impaired singer with a beautiful voice, but maybe not the star power that the show really needed. We’re a little doubtful that she will be able to turn around the show’s record sales, but who knows? Maybe all of the people who voted for her will actually go out and buy her music unlike what happened with Leanne.

What’s your take on the results? If you want to read our review of the first part of the show, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: BBC One

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