TNT’s ‘Dallas’: Season 3 chances helped by steady finale ratings

April 16, 2013 32 comments
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DallasWhile there is no question among the “Dallas” fandom that the show deserves another season to figure out what life is like without the famed J.R. Ewing, there is still a major question that has to be asked by the network: is it really worth the investment for another 10-15 episodes?

When you look back to season 1, there’s no question that the show was a sensation. Nearly 7 million people caught the premiere, which is one of the best showings that TNT has had for any series ever. While that number shrunk to 4.29 million for the finale, this is still a pretty strong number for a cable series, especially a primetime soap airing off of the four major networks.

However, we’re looking at a slightly different story now, with the show staying under 3 million for most episodes other than J.R.’s funeral. The one positive that fans can take away? Consistently. The season premiere was watched by 2.98 million people. As for the finale? Try 2.99 million. While cable networks don’t make DVR figures publicly available, you have to imagine that the time-shifted viewing for season 2 is probably even higher than it was for the series’ first season, since that show did not have to spend its run up against “The Bachelor,” “The Voice,” “Castle,” or even another revival of an old series in “Hawaii Five-0.” The good thing about the finale’s live viewing numbers was that the competition actually much heavier for it than it was for the premiere.

When it comes to the coveted 18-49 rating, what we should point out here is that the 0.9 for “Dallas” is higher than what “Rizzoli & Isles” and “Major Crimes” received for some of their episodes in the fall, and it’s easily outperforming “Southland” airing at this time of year. (Granted, odds are that TNT is going to cancel this show.) When it comes down to other shows that are airing during competitive months, you really have to say that this show is doing rather well in the measure that matters most to advertisers.

In looking at all the variables, we have to say that we’re optimistic about the future of “Dallas,” but it could still be held up if the production costs here are higher than some of their other shows. We just hope that if it survives, the network moves the show back to summer and keep it there.

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Photo: TNT

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