‘The Amazing Race 22’ review: Did Chuck & Wynona survive again?

April 14, 2013 0 comments
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The Amazing RaceFrom the very moment that Sunday night’s new episode of “The Amazing Race 22” even began, we had a major admission: we were 120% positive that Chuck & Wynona were going home. It’s Reality TV 101 that anytime you see any contestant start off a leg by saying how well things are going for them, they are the ones ultimately going home.

Were we right? Keep reading to find out!┬áThis week also featured the return of our old friend the Travelocity Roaming Gnome. Typically, we are annoyed by such blatant product placement, but the gnome has become such a ridiculous race staple that at this point, we don’t mind it. The only thing that really surprises us anymore is that teams don’t think to immediately check the bottom of it for a clue.

We also had a switchback that involved the transport of cheese, which was for whatever reason extremely entertaining the last time we saw it on the show. In between this and a Saint Bernard, at least the tasks this week were fun while in the Swiss Alps.

Team placement

1. Bates & Anthony – With so many strong teams already gone, it also appears too obvious that the hockey guys have it in the bag. They’re in great shape, and they proved yet again here that they are capable of doing the physical tasks so much faster than anyone else. Their switchback was poetry, while everyone else had a comedy of errors.

2. Mona & Beth – We still have no idea who they are, but the Roller Derby Moms are seriously still in the race. We still can’t see them winning, but hats off to the ladies for playing an amazing under-the-radar race.

3. Max & Katie – This was one of the best legs for the couple in several weeks, as they got along and managed to actually avoid making bonehead decisions, parking tickets, and car accidents. Way to go!

4. Caroline & Jennifer – There were no tears this week for the country stars, and their consistent journey on the race continues without much fanfare this time around.

5. Joey & Meghan – The show tried hard to make some drama here, as it made it appear as though Team YouTube was lost after the switchback and on the way to the Pit Stop. Granted, the two are almost experts at the art of getting lost, so we believed that it was possible … but even they could beat Team Mullet this time around.

6. Chuck & Wynona – It’s easy to dogpile Wynona, since she is one of the most frustrating contestants that we’ve ever seen on the show. However, this is Chuck’s fault in being machismo and taking all the early roadblocks. Who knows? If he hadn’t done that, maybe they would have caught the first train after the roadblock.

The other irony here is that had they not disobeyed the rules and rolled the cheese right down the hill, they would have somehow survived in the race. Or, they may have also been in the race had Chuck actually encouraged her a little bit more rather than barking orders and acting angry all the time.

What did you think about this episode? If you want to see where we ranked the teams going into this episode, be sure to visit the link here.

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