‘Duck Dynasty’ season 3 review: Did Jep’s wife really go deer hunting?

March 14, 2013 1 comment
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Duck DynastyAs usual A&E aired two brand new episodes of “Duck Dynasty”season 3 this week much to the delight of fans everywhere and as always the boys had us rolling on the floor in laughter until we couldn’t breathe. One thing that was pretty unusual though was that they changed the theme song to the show – gone is ZZ Top and in is something else trying to be ZZ Top and failing.

On the first episode of “Duck Dynasty” season 3, Willie is going out of town and because he’s going to be out of the office he knows that no work is going to get done, so to ensure Jase stays at the warehouse he tells him that his only job for the day is to make sure he signs for an important package that’s coming in at 4 pm. As soon as Willie leaves Si suggests that they ditch work and go out to their favorite duck blind to get it ready for hunting – everyone is on board and they take off. After an hour or two of putting brush around the duck blind they decide to go back to the office so Jase can wait for the package, but they’ve locked the keys in the truck so they have to walk back. When Jase and the crew get to Phil and Kay’s house and sees Reed and his friend doing chores for Phil, Jase quickly snatches up Reed’s car keys and takes off with Jep to get to the office.  When Jase gets to the warehouse he just catches the courier with the package. So what’s in the package that was so important?  A Willie Robertson bobble head.

As for the second episode of “Duck Dynasty” season 3, when Jep tells Jase and Willie that his wife Jessica hunted and killed a deer, Jase and Willie try to sway Korie and Missy to come hunting with them and they agree under the condition that the ladies get to choose the next movie they all go and see. As you can imagine deer hunting didn’t really go all that well – Missy wore perfume and Jase tried to make her roll around in a bush to get the smell off, Korie sprayed deer pee on herself and all the ladies did was complain the whole time.  They ended up coming back to Phil and Kay’s house with no deer meat only to find out that Jep lied and that he was the one that actually killed the deer, not Jessica.

What did you think of this week’s episodes of “Duck Dynasty” season 3?  Leave us a comment and tell us what you liked best about these episodes.

Photo: A&E

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