‘The Amazing Race 21’ review: Did James & Abba survive passport drama?

November 18, 2012 2 comments
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James & Abba“The Amazing Race 21” did something rather interesting this week, and we almost want to talk about it more than an individual blow-by-blow of what happened this leg (largely because, save for some hilarious locals, there wasn’t that much that happened that was particularly of interest). Instead, let’s focus our attention on how Phil Keoghan and producers handled the issue of James & Abba’s missing passport.

If you think back to what happened in the past to Toni & Dallas and Zev & Justin, who each went through this same sort of situation several years ago, they each were eliminated in the same leg that they ended up losing their documents. So why was this leg different, and James & Abba were allowed to continue along the race? The only feasible reason we can think of for it is that since producers has made this leg a non-elimination, they did not want to change up their formula; and since the entire leg coming up was going to be in the same city, it just made sense to keep them racing even though there was little hope they would be issued a temporary passport in time to keep racing. (After all, this process can take days.)

Ultimately, this leg was really rendered pointless given that the rock star and his buddy’s exit was inevitable, even though they were such likable guys it would be great to see them back on a future season. Speaking of other All-Stars, the Chippendales in Jaymes & James won their first leg all season long here with a combination of determination and smarts (yes, snicker to yourselves) during a roadblock that proved that they have all the tools to win this season if they keep it all together. “Twinnies” Natalie & Nadiya also used their Express Pass, given this was the last time they could before the end of the race.

As for who has their work cut out for them moving forward, it’s Josh & Brent; then again, these guys have been more or less the Dan & Andrew of this season in that they have never really been good racers all season long, but have somehow managed to survive every week thanks to everything from timing to a little bit of luck.

Do you feel for James & Abba now, and do you hope (like Zev & Justin) that they get another chance at the race in the future? If you want to watch a video clip from this episode, be sure to click here.

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