‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’ spoilers: A ‘fallen angel’ in first teaser

July 13, 2014 0 comments
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American Horror Story -Even though “American Horror Story: Freak Show” has only just started filming in New Orleans, the series and FX are wasting no time at all hyping up the show’s release this October. For some more evidence of that, you do not have to look any further than at some of the videos that are being put out there for promotional purposes.

Update: FX has confirmed that the teaser below is actually fan-made … which is surprising, since it is pretty phenomenal. Congratulations of fooling all of the internet, whoever you are.

What this one really shows to us is the power of illusion, which may be something that this freak show in Jupiter, Florida run by Jessica Lange’s character chooses to utilize to their advantage. On the surface, it appears as though you are just looking at a pure, innocent angel with a set of white wings; however, the reality is that there is a very creepy man in the background operating her like some sort of gruesome puppet. This shows to us the rough conditions of freak shows during the 1950s, but also how far some will go in order to convince a spectator that what they are seeing is actually real in some way.

If we were to go back and to look at some other teasers that were created for past seasons, we would say that about 20% of the content within them was actually important to note for the season ahead. The major things to keep in mind while watching these are the tone, and some of the artistic style of them. These are all things that do tend to carry over pretty well. While the “Asylum” teasers were often dark and gritty, the ones for “Coven” came across as a little bit more pristine before some of the trouble below the surface started to rise out.

Many actors at the moment are still just figuring out who they are playing on the show, but we’re already started to get excited for what could lie ahead.

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Photo: FX

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