‘Hell on Wheels’ season 4 spoilers: Some (very) early casting intel

March 29, 2014 0 comments
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The latest -For all of you out there interesting in more “Hell on Wheels” scoop, you’re not alone. After all, we’ve been right there with you for most of the winter, ever since the news first broke that the AMC series was going to be renewed for another

Luckily, we have a few assorted updates to give to you now, starting with an approximate date as to when filming is going to start: April 24. The series films near Calgary, Alberta, and thanks to that, they have to wait until late enough so that the climate is a little more hospitable. (Trying to film outdoors in the province in January or February really could be hell with this temperatures.)

According to the local Herald, the most notable news is that the show was looking to cast a young child or preferably twins in order to play the part of Cullen Bohannon’s infant child. We’ve purposefully omitted the gender of the kid here, mostly because we do want to allow some things to remain a mystery.

The show also held a casting call today in the area for all extras for the new season, which included men, women, and children of African heritage, “native” men and women, Asian men, young women to presumably work at a saloon, amputees, and also musicians. The latter two are probably the most difficult to find, which is why there is an extreme amount of specificity there.

None of this information is particularly heavy on the spoilers, but it gives you a further understanding as to the upcoming season’s tapestry of people. There is no premiere date yet for season 4, but we image a start time coming at some point in the late summer / early fall. We also expect the show to remain on Saturdays, where it flourished and maintained an audience of live viewers.

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Photo: AMC

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