‘The X Factor’ USA: Alex & Sierra perform, talk Harry Styles songs, Jason Mraz on Ustream

February 23, 2014 0 comments
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Alex & Sierra -For those of you who love Alex & Sierra, Saturday may have been pretty darn amazing for you. After all, the two parties hosted a Ustream chat with fans where they talked a little bit about their music, performed, and also shared some news that may excite more than just fans of theirs from “The X Factor.”

First of all, Harry Styles from One Direction actually worked on writing a couple songs that could be on their album! Before you bounce off of the walls as a Harry fan, though, remember that there are dozens upon dozens of songs that they can choose from for this disc, including many that they have written themselves. It’s all going to come down to finding the ones that are the right fit for them and what they want to do with their career. They have, after all, around 50 songs recorded! That is a heck of a lot of music.

There is no confirmed release date for either the album or a new single, though these could become a little clearer over the next few months. They also suggested that they may open for Jason Mraz (one of their musical heroes) over the summer, but that is not confirmed just yet and is strictly more of a possibility. The two have already done some collaborating with the “A Beautiful Mess” singer this year on some music.

When it comes to music, Alex & Sierra performed “Toxic” in the chat, which is mostly notable since it is the song that they also auditioned for “The X Factor” with. Also, they played a little of a new song entitled “All For You.”

The two said in the end that they are planning another Ustream in the future, and you can watch this one below courtesy of YouTube user C Rose.

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Photo: Fox

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