‘Supernatural’ season 9: Meet David, Margo Hayden from the ‘Tribes’ backdoor pilot

February 4, 2014 1 comment
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What's coming up? -As we teased a little earlier this week, we’re going to take our time going through some of the proposed characters for the “Supernatural: Tribes” spin-off pilot in hopes of getting some more understanding of them. Given that this is a show that we are so invested in, we have to be patient enough to give every one of these proposed new faces (or in this case two) the proper time of day before actually meeting them on the flagship show a little later this season.

We spoke yesterday about the likely leading man for this series in Ennis Roth, and now we know a thing or two about someone else in David Hayden. According to TVLine, David is a shape-shifter from one of the more powerful monster families of Chicago. The twist? We’re not sure that he really wants to be. He has been living as a human for quite a long time, but there are some circumstances that unfortunately push him into having a part in that life again.

David also has a sister named Margo, who is described as an extremely ambitious woman from the corporate world. Despite being only in her early twenties, she is hoping to try to seize some power and dominate within the supernatural community. She is a reformed punk-rock girl who now finds a different sort of way to make her presence felt.

The idea of someone trying to abdicate their supernatural abilities to us is really not as interesting, especially since there have been a number of times as of late where we have seen something like that unfold. However, seeing a prominent female character in the “Supernatural” universe could be interesting. Women do not have the best track record of lasting long; either they are typically killed off, or brought back occasionally a la Charlie.

Do you like these two characters in theory? Let us know below, and of course be sure to come back later tonight for a full review of the “Supernatural” episode airing on The CW. You can also sign up at the link here if you want to read even more TV news via email or if you want more  “Supernatural” scoop right away head over to the link here.

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