Fox’s ‘Gotham’ series will include young Bruce Wayne as series regular

Fox -Television is currently in the middle of a DC revolution, whether you look at “Arrow’s” success on The CW or their attempt to launch a new spin-off series based around The Flash, but the show that may be the most ambitious / mysterious right now is “Gotham.” This is the show that is an origin story in some ways for the man that will become Commissioner Gordon at some point in the Batman universe, and what we have learned now is that this show will feature a younger version of the character who will someday be the Caped Crusader.

According to some new casting information that is out there, Fox is currently casting a 10-year old version of Bruce Wayne. This character would be a regular on the show, which helps to further establish that this series is going to be set in the wake of what really starts Bruce down the road to becoming Batman: The murder of his parents.

This entire series from Bruno Heller (“The Mentalist”) is one that has a ton of ambition, but there are also some good questions out there worth asking. For one, can you really make an entire series about this case? It feels like eventually, you would need to move Gordon away from the Wayne murders as he takes on some of the other mysteries that are out there in the city. Also, we have a certain amount of curiosity into what the Gotham Police Department does to take down villains before Batman really enters the picture; it would be foolish for us to sit here and think that the PD is entirely useless (as they are portrayed at times in the comics), or that the likes of The Joker, The Riddler, or another similar villains just popped up when Batman did. There had to be some predecessors that the show can take both from DC lore and their own writers’ room.

This show will start shooting its pilot in the spring, but thanks to it already receiving a series order, there’s no real reason to worry about its future for now.

Photo: Fox

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