‘The Walking Dead’ season 4, episode 7 spoilers: The Governor and Martinez’s reunion

The Governor -What happens when a pair of ol’ pals end up running into each other on “The Walking Dead” season 4? Of course, we use the term “pals” here very loosely, but that is still something that we are hoping to have answers to with this article, and with the episode that is airing on Sunday night.

Let’s start first of all here with the attached photo, which was first shared by the folks over at TVLine. So you have Martinez and The Governor, and that alone is probably not too much to really lift the veil. But, you do have to wonder if there is anything particularly unseemly that is going to happen after this scene. If there are two words here that quickly come to mind, they are “power struggle.”

Let’s just look at it this way. Through much of his reign of terror at Woodbury, The Governor was the ultimate control-freak. Not only was he the man in charge, but he loved it when everyone knew that he was the man in charge. He wouldn’t really have it any other way. So how in the world do you think that he is going to react to something like Martinez having more leadership aspirations? We can’t imagine that it will be well, and these interactions are going to potentially open up a side to this character that we personally believe that he wanted to keep locked away for as long as humanly possible.

Expect another Governor-heavy hour coming up, as the jury’s still out on whether we will really get to see much of Rick or the survivors at the prison. But, we will say this: Given that the midseason finale is airing a week from Sunday, there will be some more in the way of scenes with them soon enough.

What do you think is going on in this “Walking Dead” image, and do you have any predictions for the episode? Share below! You can come back tomorrow for analysis on this episode’s video preview, or if you click here, you can see some more scoop straight from David Morrissey right now.

Photo: AMC

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