‘Almost Human’ sneak peek: Watch the first eight minutes of J.J. Abrams’ new Fox series here!

A new look -Are you really interested in seeing J.J. Abrams’ follow up to “Fringe”? Well really, it’s J.H. Wyman’s follow-up, given that he is the man who really spearheaded both that series and also “Almost Human,” the new futuristic drama airing on Fox starting with a special premiere on Sunday, November 17.

In the video below you can see the first seven and a half minutes or so of the show, which is mostly all about human cops and also their android partners that are forced to team up with each other to try to solve cases. Yep, it’s a fancy new twist on a cop show.

While we could sit here and hit you with the whole “it’s the most tired genre on TV” shtick (mostly because it is), there are still reasons to be excited about “Almost Human’s” potential as a whole. For one, it has Michael Ealy and Karl Urban in the cast, and both of them know the genre fairly well. It also has two producers in Wyman and Abrams who have done great things. “Fringe” did not start out as a show that had many people tremendously excited, and to be honest most of the first season was pretty terrible; it wasn’t until Wyman came in that the show started to turn around.

So in the end, don’t judge a series by its pilot. While it needs the ratings here to survive, we will get a better sense of what “Almost Human” should be around seven or eight episodes into its run. It should not take Wyman nearly as long to produce the show’s vision now that he is on the show from the get-go. You’re going to get quite a bit of it almost right away; immediately following the premiere on Sunday, the show will shift over to a Monday timeslot alongside “Sleepy Hollow.” “Bones” is going to be heading over to Friday nights.

Do you think that “Almost Human” at least has the potential to be a great show based on what we have for you in the video? Be sure to share your thoughts, and we’ll have some more news soon on the series.

Photo: Fox

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