‘American Horror Story: Coven’: The top five most disturbing things seen this week

The latest -When it comes to “American Horror Story: Coven,” this may be a recurring feature: Trying to identify just what are the freakiest things that took place on this week’s episode. After all, let’s be honest here: There are a lot of bizarre and creepy  things going down on this show. You have characters dying, uncomfortable romances, slavery talk, and of course plenty of magic. There’s also that whole conception storyline with Cordelia that would have been on here for sure had it happened this week.

5. Madison’s death – That is just how crazy this episode ended up being: The death at the end was actually not that shocking at all compared to other events. We knew that Emma Roberts was not around for the entire season, and the moment that this showdown started to drag along, it felt like we would be on the way to that conclusion. What was very interesting about it was how Fiona managed to completely manipulate her to the point where she could be easily disposed of without little fight.

4. Misty Day’s celebration – We don’t quite know if she was in love with FrankenKyle, but what’s with her emotional process right now? She didn’t want to let him go, and then started to dance like at a rave the moment that he was gone. She’s beyond bizarre, and also captivating. Can we have a little more Lily Rabe the next few episodes, please?

3. Anything featuring LaLaurie – There were so many moments in here with her that we don’t know where to count, though her reaction to seeing President Obama on television was beyond priceless.

2. Queenie and the Minotaur – Given that the show did not give us a proper ending, we have no clue what in the world was going on there. Then again, we saw enough to know that it was completely bizarre and almost “Fifty Shades of Grey” with horns, and we’re not quite sure that we need to see any more of it.

1. Kyle and his mom – Yep, Ryan Murphy managed to find something that was actually more horrifying that anything that we saw previously. Where in the world did all of this come from, especially when he seemed so well-adjusted in college? There was a level of weirdness here that we certainly did not need, even if it helped to justify why FrankenKyle decided to kill her.

What is your pick for the craziest moment of the show this past week? Share below, and be sure to also click here if you want to see some more scoop related to this season of the show.

Photo: FX

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