‘Bones’ season 9, episode 6 video: Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz on Booth, Brennan wedding

The latest -The episode is finally here, “Bones” fans: The wedding between Booth and Brennan. Odds are that you’ve been waiting to watch this one for quite a long time, and the good news is that all signs point to this being the episode that you want and then some. Are Booth and Brennan going to actually get married? The answer to that is yes, so don’t expect some sort of fake-out that will disappoint and ruin the entire story. The only thing that could happen is that there could be a little bit of drama leading up to it, but what wedding doesn’t have that?

What we can confirm is that there will still be a murder investigation that happens in the episode, but with a little bit of a twist: Nobody wants to be responsible for ruining the couple’s big day, so rather than trying to clue either the bride or the groom into what they are working on, the squinterns and the other members of the Jeffersonian team go into their best cover-up mode. They say nothing, act normal, and hope that they will be able to get away with their plan of having no one important notice what they’re up to.

The video below doesn’t really focus on anything other than the wedding, and we learn that the other characters all have a bet on whether or not the ceremony is going to happen, and if there will be some problems along the way. Meanwhile, Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz each compare filming the ceremony to a real wedding, at least in the way that they had a massive buildup to it. (The Easter egg here is that Emily’s real-life husband David Hornsby is actually going to be playing the priest who marries the two of them.)

Some other proof that the wedding actually happens and the two become husband and wife? There is going to be a honeymoon episode that happens after the baseball hiatus where the two travel to a foreign country, and once again see some evidence that they cannot get away from crime or trouble if their lives depended on it.

This episode will feature everything from tears (mostly on your end) to also cameos; in the case of the latter, you can read all about it over at the link here. We’ll have another preview for the event up tomorrow.

Photo: Fox

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