ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 6 spoilers: New source of tension for Molly Quinn, Nathan Fillion (photo)

The latest -If you’ve been waiting for this storyline on “Castle” regarding Alexis Castle and Pi to go somewhere, we have some news for you: It is finally about to go somewhere. As for whether or not you will actually like it, that is a completely different story.

The whole entire plot with Alexis and her boyfriend has been messy, and it’s not so much because we find Pi to be annoying and hipster-ish. (He’s supposed to be that way!) Instead, it’s that the character has siphoned away some of the love that we had for the father – daughter moments on that show, and hopefully that is going to come back somewhat in this episode airing a week from Monday (entitled “Get a Clue”). Just in case the details that we previously shared did not give it away for you already, this episode is going to feature Molly Quinn’s character getting her own place with Pi. Don’t ask us how she got the money to pay for this; maybe Rick bought it himself so he could have some privacy again. Clearly, the flowers are brought over as a bit of a housewarming gift.

As for if Alexis is going to ever come to her senses and realize that this guy is an unholy mess, executive producer Andrew Marlowe teases to TVLine that there could be some connection between this relationship and what Castle is going through on his own with Beckett:

“Given the fact that her dad just got engaged to this other woman [Kate], we here don’t think it’s a coincidence. So we’re going to be watching how that tests Alexis’ relationship with her father, which has always been quite good. It definitely puts a new strain on it.

“It feels like new and really interesting territory — Alexis growing up and now Castle having to grow up, too, to be there for his daughter. Like any father dealing with a daughter who has a boyfriend, it’s always a bit of an adventure.”

While Alexis is growing up, we still have a hard time believing that she could grow up this fast, so we’ll just have to wait and see what the writers have in mind with this one.

For now, we’ll just leave you with this pretty-awesome news: If you click here, you can find out just how you can win an auction to go on the set of “Castle” and spend the day with none other than Nathan Fillion himself.

Photo: ABC

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