‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 6, episode 5 preview: All about Nero; Katey Sagal, Jimmy Smits photos

The latest -On Tuesday night, “Sons of Anarchy” is going to be back with quite a challenge on its hands: How in the world do you move forward when there is such violence and madness still going on? It is a position that these characters have found themselves in over the past several of years, but for some reason, they have continued to find a way to persevere. Life went on when Opie was killed, and when we consider his own proximity to Jax, we cannot imagine that life will come to a screeching halt thanks to the loss off Filthy Phil, Lee Toric, and Otto of all people.

But what we want to spend some time talking about here, via some photos from “The Mad King,” is the future of Nero. Typically, guest stars on “Sons of Anarchy” are largely foils or adversaries to someone else, and do not tend to have that long of a shelf life. (Just like Donal Logue, even if there were extenuating circumstances.) Nero is different though as Jimmy Smits has been around for a season and a half, and at this point it is hard to imagine the show without him.

Nero -Why is that? He brings out something different in Gemma, and Smits and Katey Sagal have a very natural energy with each other that grounds such a violent show. There is love here, and Nero may be one of the least-corrupt people on the show (ironic considering what he does in the brothel business). He acknowledges that his business is dangerous, but also has made one thing rather clear: He wants out.

But will he be able to get out? That journey could potentially start tonight. Changes will come for him following the death of Toric, and maybe that will help to keep him out of police stations from now on. Could stability, or Gemma, or even money lead to a change of heart? All are noble questions, but the most important one to ask right now is if he will survive to even make a decision. Just remember what we saw in “Wolfsangel,” and while Smits is said to be a part of the entire season, remember that Logue was also supposed to be around a while longer. Crazy things happen sometimes.

Have any thoughts or opinions on Nero’s future? Share what you think below! Meanwhile, click here to watch a fun new video featuring “Sons of Anarchy’s” crew appreciation day, and what creator Kurt Sutter is doing to celebrate those who work on his show.

Photo: FX

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