‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 6: Creator on Tara, Nero; Charlie Hunnam’s ‘Fifty shades of Grey’ gig

Jax -If there was ever a wait for a new “Sons of Anarchy” episode to begin, it is what we are currently going through while waiting for “The Mad King” to arrive. Any time that you follow up something like (spoiler alert!) the death of Otto as well as Lee Toric, the speculation for what comes next is going to be off the charts … and it is definitely here.

While it is possible that there could be a series of other bodies that also fall, what may be a little bit more interesting to people is trying to answer the question of what the reaction will be for some other characters. In particular, how will both Nero and Tara, who have both been impacted greatly by what Donal Logue’s character did, move forward now? Speaking to Vulture, creator Kurt Sutter offered up the following tease:

“We discuss the impact on Tara in the next episode, but we did the research on that and, ironically, his death does not help her because it almost looks like it was a potential hit. Tara has [a reaction when it comes to her case]: Doesn’t this help? And her lawyer is like, Eh, not really. But it definitely has an impact on Nero and we get to play that out for a few episodes. The energy of that character [Toric] and what he’s set in motion fuels everything that happens with Tara. The story it set up continues even without the character, if that makes sense.”

As we mentioned previously, the Toric storyline was forced to end early after Logue had to start filming for “Vikings” earlier than expected; he was originally going to be a part of most of the season.

Meanwhile, Sutter was also kind enough to discuss what has to be one of the biggest stories out there right now in the casting of Charlie Hunnam on “Fifty shades of Grey,” and the discussions that the two had before he decided to take on the Christian Grey role:

“We’ve become very close. We had a couple long creative conversations about what the role was, what it meant. He struggled with it because obviously there’s a lot of noise around that role. There’s a lot of predetermined expectations. At the end of the day, and my advice to him was: Look at the material. Don’t look at the history. Don’t look at where it potentially could be going. Look at the material and look at the people you’re working with. If it makes sense, then move forward. I think that’s what he did. It was a very thoughtful process, I think based on all the right decisions. It was not about notoriety. It was not about money. So I think it’s cool, man.”

Still can’t wait for more ‘Sons of Anarchy” news? Well in the event that you have not seen it already, click here to take a first look at the episode airing on FX next week.

Photo: FX

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