ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 6 spoilers: Stana Katic and one vague Castle – Beckett wedding tease

Castle and Beckett -Even though it may be forever until a Castle – Beckett wedding takes place on “Castle,” we the television media just can’t help wondering about it. It’s probably the same sort of the thing that is going to happen when, after the two parties get married (if they make it that far), there will be questions about if Castle will be open to having another child. In the absence of knowing what other interesting story threads could be coming up for the character, this is probably the easiest thing to circle as a possibility.

The latest tease about a possible wedding, unfortunately for some of you out there, is just about as cryptic as cryptic can come. Speaking in a new interview with E! News, Stana Katic basically said (in the outlet’s words) that if there is a wedding on the show in the future, she could see the show going in a “different direction.” What direction could that be? If nothing else, it does get the curiosity going a little bit.

One of the more curious options for such a change would be seeing what happens with Castle and Beckett if the two started to live together, and the loft became a four or even five-person residence given that Pi, Alexis’ boyfriend, is still there. It could also change the working dynamic somewhat, given that the two would basically be around each other so much that they have only a tiny fraction of time to breathe.

Regardless, we’re talking about if there is a wedding here. If such an event happens, it would probably not be until at least the end of this season. We haven’t even see the two really talk about it yet.

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Photo: ABC

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