‘Downton Abbey’ season 4, episode 2 spoilers: Matthew’s letter; Mary’s response

Take a look -First of all, we start here with our standard “Downton Abbey” warning for all potential American readers: If you want to avoid any and all spoilers when it comes to season 4, stop reading now.

Now that this has been said, who is ready for a little bit of information about the second episode of the season airing on ITV? It’s interesting that this bit of scoop ironically comes from watching “The X Factor,” but there was a promo for the series that aired during the show that has yet to make its way online, and at least contained a tiny morsel of new footage to let us know a little bit more information about that letter Mary discovered from Matthew in the first promo of the episode.

So what does this letter contain: Is it something particularly scandalous that would devastate Mary further? Not exactly. Without giving everything away, let’s just say that it revolves around the estate, and it gives Robert an extra reason to be somewhat wary over what is going on right now when it comes to Mary suddenly finding her voice and a little bit of power. It makes him worry, since it goes somewhat against what are his own intentions. He wants to continue to run the place as he sees fit, which is almost the 1920s equivalent of a man today wanting to run a business without an internet, and thinking that Twitter is some bird that Sylvester the Cat chases around.

Expect plenty of glorious tension when this episode airs, and we will be there when the show airs to chronicle every second in our review. We have our articles posted the moment the episode ends, so there’s no waiting; if you want to hear more about a preview, you only have to wait a few minutes longer!

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Photo: ITV

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