Terry Bradshaw says the f-bomb on Fox Sports 1 broadcast; network apologizes

The latest -Well, how’s this for a way to kick off your NFL football-watching on Sunday? Anytime that you have a live event, you run the risk of some offensive things getting out to viewers. The same goes for when you have these little cutaway segments during commercials, and you don’t make it abundantly clear that there are still people watching the personalities onscreen. Personally, we don’t quite understand why people just don’t curse at all within the walls of a studio, but these people seem to enjoy playing chicken on the metaphorical railroad tracks.

Without wasting any time here, let’s get to the story at hand. During an edition of “Fox Football Daily” airing on new station Fox Sports 1, an in-commercial feed caught Terry Bradshaw clearly saying the f-bomb in a conversation with his fellow host Jimmy Johnson (you can see it below, and you’ve been clearly warned about the language already). The network has already come out and issued a statement on the matter, saying that it won’t happen again.

Still, this is probably not what Fox Sports has been hoping for as it tries to establish itself as more of a national brand to rival ESPN, which continues to maintain a chokehold on the cable sports market when it comes to anything other than the coverage of random assorted events. Bradshaw and Johnson are people who have been associated with NFL broadcasts for years (and have lengthy amounts of experience in the sport) so in theory it is hard to really argue against them being involved in a show.

Ultimately, this is really the end of the story. Both Johnson and Bradshaw are on the air today to talk NFL football yet again, and all appears to be business as usual.

Photo: Fox Sports 1

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