‘Doctor Who’ 50th anniversary special: See Matt Smith, David Tennant in new poster

Take a look -Are you ready to celebrate the 50th anniversary of “Doctor Who“? If you are to answer that question with a “yes,” we imagine that you are not alone in feeling that way. This show is a global phenomenon the entire world over, and there is a reason why the upcoming 50th anniversary special is being aired at the same time around the world: BBC wants to ensure that no one has to resort to anything other than the feeling of getting to watch the entire installment completely free of spoilers.

Based on the first poster for the special, we are starting to feel as though the event is going to be one of the most epic ones out there, and that is for a show that has quite the reputation of being epic already. You have a powerful shot here of both David Tennant and Matt Smith, with John Hurt’s mystery “Doctor” (if you can call him that) wedged into the center.

This poster also is kind enough to at least reference some very-important people who are not playing The Doctor in this episode in Jenna Coleman and Billie Piper, who clearly each have quite a substantial role in the history of the show. Just be sure to click on the poster to blow it up and get a larger view, and start rocking back and forth with excitement. Why? We are only two months away now from this extravaganza coming on the air.

What do you think about this poster, and are there any major scoops that you can discern from it? Click here to see some more news on the Christmas special that follows this episode, which just so happens to also be the last time that you are going to see Smith in the iconic role.

Photo: BBC

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