‘The Bridge’ episode 7 review: Do we have our killer?

The Bridge -Wednesday night’s episode of “The Bridge” felt different than most. By far, this was the shortest episode of the FX series that we have seen, and it was actually shorter in run time (at around 40 minutes) than many primetime network series. It was really just focused on one or two events, and given the natural endpoint of this hour, it did make a great deal of sense.

Also, it was interesting to see that the body count was probably higher in this episode than at any other point in the series. From the police standpoint, the most shocking death was that of Manny, the moronic cop who simply found himself in the line of fire, and was seemingly killed by accident when the killer, the mysterious and insane Jack, was actually trying to gun down Marco. From an emotional standpoint, the toughest (likely) death was that of Daniel Frye, who seemed to merely die as a cause of his own body giving out following an attempt to get clean and sober.¬†Matthew Lillard has long been an underrated actor, and this was a great role. (We’re assuming that he dies, but that is not guaranteed.)

In circling back to Jack, what made this episode interesting was that it was almost a classic case of mystery-show misdirection. While there is little questioning that Jack was a bad man, he’s not the killer that we are really looking for here. There are far too many episodes left in the season to have that be the case. His biggest use now may be trying to figure out who he was working with, and who was sinister enough to think up this tragic plan.

Ultimately, we still don’t understand the alternate story with Charlotte and the tunnel. The only real use it could have is if this Ray guy running the show, or someone else involved with it, is linked still to the murders. Otherwise, why are we wasting our time on these unlikable people? They make cheating Marco look like a saint, and Sonya and Hank at the moment are the only characters that we can truly get behind as nice people.

We still are at odds with just how good “The Bridge” is, but it’s a very entertaining show that reminds us a bit of “Justified” in that we’ve never been able to put it on the “best of TV” label, but it is constantly hovering near there, just one or two moves from it happening.

If you want to take a look at some more news pertaining to “The Bridge,” watch the video here, or come back soon for a preview of what lies ahead.

Photo: FX

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