Tina Fey shows off burglary on ‘Late Show with David Letterman’

Late ShowIt is not particularly often that you have an opportunity to show off footage of a burglary on late-night television, but somehow Tina Fey managed to pull this off on “The Late Show with David Letterman” this week … and with a pretty good reason for it, as well.

As the former “30 Rock” star explains in the video below, she was excited recently to move in to a brand-new Manhattan office, where she was going to work on some new projects under her NBCUniversal deal. This has already yielded some great things, including two separate projects sold to both NBC and Fox; however, it also led to someone coming in, and snatching a laptop that was stuffed full of ideas from one of the rooms of the office.

Luckily, there was surveillance footage, which Fey played on the late-night comedy show with her own narration. The terrible thing about this is that you can’t see the guy’s face. Why not show it? We guess it’s not preserve anonymity since he clearly hasn’t signed a waiver, but the dude stole a computer! This is probably not the right sort of place to get into a big debate on the legal ramifications of anything, but the entire ordeal makes for a simultaneously funny and sad video discussion on the show. We just hope Fey remembers some of her ideas, since we loved “30 Rock” and still miss it (especially when we sit down and look at some of the same-old family stuff that NBC has coming up on their schedule this year, which is one of the reasons so many are drifting to cable).

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Photo: CBS

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