NBC’s ‘Community’ season 5 spoilers: ‘Breaking Bad’s’ Jonathan Banks to work with Alison Brie

The latest -What’s the only way to follow up the news about Rob Corddry’s return to “Community” for the start of season 5? By presenting news that is, to quote Troy and Abed, more awesome.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Jonathan Banks, who is of course best known for playing the grizzled, shrewd, and extremely-dangerous Mike on “Breaking Bad,” is going to appear in a whopping eleven episodes of the show. This is a huge get for Dan Harmon that should quiet some of the folks worried about if losing both Chevy Chase and Donald Glover (after the first five episodes) was going to sink the show. Jonathan Banks can make anything good; even a package of expired oatmeal.

As for who Banks will be playing, his role is Pat Nichols, an intense (go figure) professor in criminology who has a mysterious past, and is going to spend a good bit of time working alongside Alison Brie after Annie signs up for his class. What happens from there is anyone’s guess, but it has to be pretty important given that he will be in almost every episode of the season.

Now for some irony. Banks’ “Breaking Bad” character once worked for Gus Fring, and Giancarlo Esposito has already appeared in a couple of episodes of the show as Pierce Hawthorne’s brother. (Yeah, his appearances on the show are probably over.) Is is some sort of secret requirement that every major character “Breaking Bad”  must appear on “Community”? If it is, we almost want to hope that the AMC series goes out with a bang and everyone dies, just so we have a chance to see Aaron Paul as a Britta love interest on Bryan Cranston as a new dean over at City College. (We can dream.)

For now, just take a look at why Corddry is coming back to “Community,” and we’ll have more news as it arrives.

Photo: NBC

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