‘Low Winter Sun’ episode 2 preview: A medical surprise; Joe will not sit out

The next move -If you remember back over five years ago, AMC debuted a little show known as “Breaking Bad” on Sunday nights. It was something that took a bit of time before most TV really knew it existed, and then even longer before they realized just how awesome it was. The proof is in the pudding that patience paid off, and the nearly six million viewers who watched this past episode cannot be ignored.

Now, we don’t want to give “Low Winter Sun” the expectation to be the next “Breaking Bad,” even if it airs in the same time slot as Walter White once did. You can’t compare anything to one of the best shows of a generation, even one that has shockingly never won the Emmy for Drama Series, but “Low Winter Sun” has the right components to make a great show in the long-term, whether it be great performances (see Mark Strong), a gritty and appropriate setting in Detroit, and a dark twist on the usual cop show that helps it to stand out.

Now we have to warn you from the get-go that the preview below is pretty grisly, so if you don’t like gore, it’s best to take a deep breath before you click on it. If you can tolerate a little bit of blood, though, what you will find here is a pretty interesting scene that certainly deflects the notion of the deceased putting forth a struggle before they died; in turn, we have a case that could suddenly be wide open. Just to make matters even more intense here, Strong’s character of Frank Agnew is also quick to realize in the video that he is going to need to continue dealing with Joe (Lennie James), a man who clearly will not take “no” for an answer.

After a strong pilot (which you can read our full review for here), we’ll see if “Low Winter Sun” holds up when it airs tomorrow night.

Photo: AMC

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