‘True Blood’ season 6 finale spoilers: Will Ryan Kwanten’s Jason be set free?

What's up ahead? -There is one thing that we can officially say about the Violet character based on the sneak peek below from Sunday night’s “True Blood” finale: She is even more unusual than we thought. Not only did she have an interesting way of introducing herself to Jason Stackhouse, but this same unusual behavior apparently also extends itself to women.

Before we get to that, let’s backtrack for a minute to set up the scene. Despite being free now from the Vampire Camp, Violet still believes that Ryan Kwanten’s character is more or less her blood bank to use whenever she sees fit. He doesn’t have any opportunity to do anything for himself, and must be prepared to offer up blood when she wants it.

We don’t quite know his motivation for saying this, but Jason tells her that he’s ready to be with her in a greater fashion … though she says he will have to wait, and offers him some of her blood instead. We don’t know if Jason is trying to soften her up as a means to get away, but at this point, we’re sure that the guy will try anything under the sun if it allows him an opportunity to take off.

Then, Sookie turns up, and upon Jason introducing her as his sister, Violet decides to kiss her right on the lips. Okay. We don’t really know what is with this character or what she really wants with Jason, but unless someone does away with her in this episode, she is probably going to be a carryover into season 7. We just cannot see anyone getting rid of a character like this so easily.

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Photo: HBO

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