‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Nominations, and hopes to take out Spencer

The latest -If you have been following the “Big Brother 15” live feeds today, then you know that the nominations today were really more of a formality than something that you needed to sit around and wait for. Helen and Elissa were obviously going to be put on the block this week, and for a pretty good reason from the standpoint of Aaryn and the 3am Alliance. Both are reasonably liked by most players, and Helen in particular is an enormous social threat in this game who has made deals with almost anyone and everyone.

In the minutes following the nomination ceremony, one thing that is interesting to watch is just what the reactions are from the people on the block. Neither Helen nor Elissa are surprised, but they are both upset and desperate to win the Veto. Depending on what it is, they could reasonably have a shot.

Our guess is that the Zingbot will be around either this week or next week (if the Zingbot comes back), given that they will not want to run the risk of having too few houseguests to zing. It could be a “how bad do you want it?” competition, if only because we haven’t seen a chum bath yet this season, someone going bald, or anything else ridiculous like that. (Helen is prepared to do anything that she can to stay in the game, possibly more so even than Elissa.)

But, for whatever reason, Helen still thinks that backdooring Spencer can save her within this game. She doesn’t quite realize at the end of the day that Andy is working with McCranda, and this will be her undoing. For Andy, he’s really going to begging for someone not nominated to win the necklace, since he is otherwise going to look like a traitor.

Do you think that Aaryn made the right moves for herself, or the right moves ultimately for Amanda? If you want to check out some more news from the live feeds, just be sure to visit the link here.

Photo: CBS

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