‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Andy feels secure; Jessie finds herself more trouble

Can Jessie make a move? -When it comes to “Big Brother 15” right now, Jessie just cannot seem to win for whatever reason. She tries and tries to get people to see things her way, but her mistake is that she is continually missing out on what is really right in front of her: There’s a reason why she and Spencer have been the nominees for three weeks going, and it has a little something to do with the fact that there is a distinct group of people controlling things.

So when Jessie approaches Andy with a suggestion to backdoor Amanda, how does she think it’s going to go? Clearly, not well. The house already had an opportunity to take out Amanda, twice, and it didn’t work. She is playing this game far too personally, and not thinking about something that Andy could actually be more inclined to do.

While Jessie is slowly sealing her fate even more than it already was, the rest of the live feed tonight has been pretty quiet. While Andy and Helen continued to talk game, Elissa joined them and they all agreed that GinaMarie is a pretty expendable player for whenever they chose to get her out … which would have actually been this week, had the right things actually transpired within the house. There was also some ironic bashing of America tonight, as Elissa proclaimed that whoever has won MVP the past few weeks is clearly not doing it right, given that the people that were put up week after week did not end up being sent home.

We’ll have another live feed update late tonight, and while we’re hoping to see some more drama, it’s not likely until after the Veto Ceremony. It is then that Spencer and Jessie could start making some deals in an effort to stick around in the game a little while longer.

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Photo: CBS

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