‘True Blood’ season 6 spoilers: Will Alexander Skarsgard’s Eric be successful?

Alexander Skarsgard -Going into tomorrow night’s “True Blood” season 6 episode, one of the primary questions out there is whether or not Eric Northman is going to make it through the hour alive. He’s a character who has done crazy / reckless things before, but trying to bust into Vampire Camp on his own, without the help of anything but Warlow’s blood? Even for Alexander Skarsgard’s much-feared vampire, there is a reason to be afraid. Even if he succeeds in finding a way to save those he cares about, he runs the risk of being a martyr in the process.

While Anna Camp mentions Stephen Moyer’s Bill rather than Eric in a new interview with “Entertainment Tonight” talking about the upcoming finale, we know that both characters are in a pretty interesting position to change the course for vampires in the future; and based on what the actress behind Sarah Newlin has to say, it sounds like one of them could actually succeed in the end:

“Fans can expect to see the vampires changing the way they can live in the world. You’ve seen a little bit of that with Bill walking in daylight. I think True Blood has a certain set of rules of how the characters live in the world, but that’s about to change. It expands the show in a way that will excite and interest the fans. It’s also kind of shocking!”

We are also curious as to whether or not Sarah could end up surviving, given that she is in a pretty similar position to Eric in that she’s really placed herself out on an island of vulnerability. It’s possible that she is able to rise through it and continue to preach her “Christian” ways for a while longer (which apparently include killing someone with a shoe), but villains here don’t have a tendency of lasting very long…

So far, HBO has kept the nature of the Eric – Vamp Camp story a secret for Sunday night, choosing to release sneak peeks instead about things related more to Sookie. Luckily, there’s not too much longer to wait, and we’ll have a full review right after the episode wraps.

Photo: HBO

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