‘Dexter’ season 8, episode 7 preview: Who’s got a surprise husband?

What's next? -As we teased earlier in the day, you were going to be seeing more of Hannah McKay on “Dexter” very, very soon. Now just how soon were we talking about here? Think along the lines of now.

Right when we were starting to see things return to some sort of normalcy again for Dexter and Deb, you have the one woman who helped to take them to the edge last time show up, mostly because of a little something known as Hannah trying to kill her. It is not entirely clear right now why Yvonne Strahovski’s character is back in town, but we’ve learned that she now has herself another husband, and that traditionally never ends well when she gets herself linked to a man. (Dexter is one of the lucky few to get past it.)

Deb of course wants her gone, but she is not the only woman he will have to deal with; Dr. Vogel doesn’t seem to be so keen on seeing her around, either since Hannah does not appear to be a psychopath using the same definition as the doctor would like.

Finally, we turn to Zach Hamilton, the one character that could potentially be the Cousin Oliver and the albatross for Dexter at the same time. We’re not digging this story, and to make matters crazier, this kid’s reckless behavior could get Dexter in some major trouble … especially with a neighbor that is actually starting to like him. (We just have to hope that this comes to a much nicer conclusion than it did with Rita.)

If you are looking to read some more “Dexter” news, don’t worry: We have it for you here, and you can also check back there for our full review a little bit later in the night.

Photo: Showtime, video via SpoilerTV

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