‘Downton Abbey’ season 4: New products to launch alongside UK premiere

Downton Abbey CastThe following news is sure to be polarizing, at least when it comes to whether or not you want to see the fantasy of a television show progressively bleed more and more into actual life. To go along with the season 4 premiere of “Downton Abbey” in the United Kingdom, there are also going to be all sorts of products to go along with it in stores.

Beginning in October, British store Marks and Spencer is going to start putting into consumers’ hands a variety of different products branded with the show, whether it be signature hand soaps, body lotion, lip gloss, or other beauty products. These prices will be pretty affordable, meaning that you will not have to be a Grantham to be able to actually buy them.

But is this something that is really that good of an idea? We’re not quite sold. Marketing your show in such a way cheapens the overall product, and we don’t really have any desire to try and place ourselves within that world using products that are designed in some way to make you feel like a member of upper-class Edwardian England. It’s all about using the imagination, and putting yourself in that world courtesy of some of the characters.

With this opinion being said, these products probably will sell rather well, given the popularity of the show both in the United Kingdom and also around the world. Everyone wants to see what will happen with these characters next, so launching products around the same time as the season 4 launch makes a good deal of sense.

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Photo: ITV

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