‘Dexter’ season 8 spoilers: Will Jennifer Carpenter’s Deb ever forgive?

DexterFrom the very onset of “Dexter” season 8, it will be clear that Deb no longer has some of the same romantic feelings that she once did for her brother. For those of you who hated the idea of her feelings coming out of nowhere when they first surfaced during season 6, you’ll see this as very good news, indeed. As for everyone else, you’ll probably be spending more time worrying about these two characters’ mortality to wonder if there is any way that the two can get back to where we were.

While we’re not promising that the idea of “Debster” (yes, there is a shipper name for it) ever happens, it does at least look like there will be some measure of forgiveness coming for the character. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter on the subject of if these two will ever find some sort of understanding between them, executive producer Sara Colleton has an answer that may surprise you:

“Deb comes to an understanding about herself and about who Dexter is based on the series of options he was given and the parameters of information that he was given. She will eventually come to realize that yes, Dexter has done best he could with what he has. No one is perfect.”

Colleton also suggested that while there are some characters (clearly Dr. Evelyn Vogel) who will take at times an adversarial position on this season, she balked at the idea of there being another “Big Bad.” This seems to ultimately just be a season where we try to learn if there can be closure of some of the characters that we’ve come to love and support, and what this closure could look like.

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