Jimmy Fallon’s ‘We Are the World of Warcraft’ brings forth Felicia Day, other cameos

Late Night with Jimmy FallonSomehow, during Jimmy Fallon’s Video Game Week over the past several days, we somehow missed out on seeing his random, ridiculous, and also pretty awesome love letter to “World of Warcraft” entitled “We Are the World of Warcraft.”

Do we know whether or not Fallon is a hardcore “WoW” player? It’s hard to say, but clearly either he or some people on his writing staff are, since there are clearly all sorts of great analogies to the game in here. Regardless, gamers should celebrate getting this sort of creation, given that it does bring some attention back to a game that hasn’t had much of it ever since the last expansion came out. It doesn’t really matter at the end of the day how hardcore of a gamer Fallon is, since there are plenty of other cameos in here of people who are.

Clearly, the person who is the most recognizable save for Fallon is Felicia Day, who even created an entire web series in “The Guild” that was inspired by this game and other massively multiplayer online RPGs. There’s also a part for Chris Hardwick in here, though we didn’t know that he was a “World of Wacraft” player through the various Nerdist podcasts that we’ve listened to. Some other memorable cameos include the Leroy Jenkins guy, a few famous members of the online community, and even Hodor from “Game of Thrones” (who makes a cameo in the video box below Hardwick near the end).

We just hope that Fallon takes some of this nerdiness with him to “The Tonight Show” next year; while we’re sure that a solid 95% of his audience probably didn’t understand a single word of this song when it aired, it was greatly appreciated by the other 5 (including us… FOR THE HORDE!)

If you want to check out some more Fallon craziness, though this time featuring Brad Pitt, you can do so over here.

Photo: NBC

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